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Executive Team

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and co-founder

Andre Williams

Andre Williams currently serves as the President & Co-founder of IMPERVIOUS Protection & Consultant Group Inc. Mr. Williams served for 20 years as a member of the New York City Police Department and retired in 2014 as a Detective Investigator. During his tenure, Mr. Williams first served at the 44th Precinct in the South Bronx, in the capacities of Patrol Officer, Community Policing Officer, and Precinct Community Affairs Officer; where he developed a reputation for being a problem-solver and community relations practitioner. Mr. Williams participated in numerous demonstrations/protest related to high-profile, controversial police encounters, i.e., Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and others. In 2005, Mr. Williams was recruited by the NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs, to serve as the Bronx Borough Liaison. In this capacity, Mr. Williams served as a senior adviser to the Deputy Commissioner and was instrumental in helping to develop programs, strategies and, policies on Police & Community Relations. Mr. Williams’ next appointment was to the NYPD Intelligence Division, Threat Assessment & Protection Unit. At the Intelligence Division, Mr. Williams’ responsibilities included; conducting vulnerability & risk assessment surveys, dignitary protection assignments and the investigation of threats against elected officials and Uniformed Members of the New York City Police Department. Mr. Williams attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice for Security Management and is trained in the following; Crime Prevention, Active Shooter Response, Criminal Investigations, Dispute Resolution, Executive Protection, Surveillance, and the Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation.



Vice President

Michael Vitale

Michael Vitale ​is the Vice President of IMPERVIOUS Protection & Consultant Group Inc. and has a combined 27 years of experience in law enforcement and the United States Army. Mr. Vitale's Military expertise includes homeland mobilizations and deployments to Iraq. During his deployment to Iraq, Mr. Vitale's mission included, conducting Area Assessments, Personal Assessments, and Security Assessments. The Area Assessments were undertaken to evaluate geographical capabilities as it related to the environment, i.e., plumbing, electrical, transportation, security etc. Personal Threat Assessments were conducted to assess threats to military and civilian dignitaries who were scheduled to travel within the area of operation. Security Assessments were conducted for local Iraqi Military, law enforcement, and judicial facilities. Mr. Vitale and his team were responsible for evaluating all aspects of Area Assessments, Personal Threat Assessments, and Physical Assessments. Information acquired through this evaluation process was used to form full and comprehensive Security Assessments. These assessments assisted the Iraqi personnel to better protect themselves from Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices, Improvised Explosive Devices, Suicide Bombers, Active Shooters and insurgent attacks. Mr. Vitale's law enforcement experience includes time with the Detective Bureau, Gang Division, Organized Crime Control Bureau and Intelligence Bureau. Mr. Vitale conducted local, state and federal level cases, conducted executive level protection and threat assessments.



and co-founder

Troy Womack

Troy Womack is the Co-founder and Treasurer for Impervious Protection and Consultant Group, Inc. In addition to being a security practitioner, he is directly responsible for marketing, advertising, and corporate responsibility. Mr. Womack has a 25-year history as an independent business consultant in the aforementioned areas. Under the leadership of Mr. Womack, Impervious has exponentially increased its community involvement. In 2017, the executive team at Impervious have volunteered their time to present safety seminars for seniors at Concourse Rehab and Nursing Center; co-founded a youth mentorship program called "Show Me Rather than Tell Me", in collaboration with Pastor Jay Gooding of the Miracle Revival Temple. And are in the process of coordinating with staff at Validus Preparatory Academy for their Annual March Against Gun Violence event. ​Mr. Womack believes that corporate responsibility can be an asset to the community.

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