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Executive Protection


Our Executive Protection Program implements security measures meant to ensure the safety of VIPs or individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk. We routinely take on clients with varied backgrounds including executives, dignitaries, celebrities and other high net worth individuals or families. Our protection teams vary in size as determined by the needs of the client, and their associated threat level. 



Special Events


We provide expert security for high profile private and public events of different kinds such as; film premieres, fundraisers, autograph signings, corporate product launches, community events, religious events, celebrations and many others. We liaison with event organizers, local law enforcement and other agencies who may have a stake in the event. Many of our supervisors are current and ex-law enforcement officers, who have vast experience in handling some of the most challenging events that our country has to offer.


Consultant Services  

Protection Services: 

Active Shooter and Executive Protection Training are available for Law Enforcement Personnel & Civilians.

Active Shooter and Crisis Management:

Members of our team will conduct a review of your companies security and safety procedures to determine vulnerabilities, promote best practices and ultimately limit your company's exposure to potential liabilities. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:


Threat Assessments, Security Surveys, Access Control, CCTV placement, review of policies and procedures, liaison to local law enforcement, and security & safety presentations.



International Travel Security & Warnings


We scour our network of intelligence sources and give our clients a knowledge-based assessment of security and safety concerns within the country of interest, or the country that the client will be traveling to.




Each Investigator at Impervious has a law enforcement background. This benefits our clients in that each case is meticulously documented and prepared, as if it were to be presented before a Grand Jury. Our investigation services include the following:


Background Checks, Matrimonial Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations and Surveillance.







Affiliated services include:


• Advances

  (hotels, restaurants, site of gathering and etc.)

• Route planning

• Vehicle escorts

• Airport pickups

• Meet and greet services

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